Uber Car Insurance covering Rideshare Drivers

We will cover you with an industry leading insurer so you’re insured 24/7, whether you’re using your car for personal use or ridesharing for services like Uber.

Rideshare Insurance
for Uber Drivers

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Need Ridesharing friendly Car Insurance?

Insurance Pricing

What prices should I expect?

The first question you're likely asking yourself.

Business and Commercial Car Insurance (eg Car insurance that covers Uber) is deemed a higher risk than your personal car insurance. Pricing does range considering a number of contributing factors. For example: How often you're using the car for Uber / Ridesharing, Your Driving History, Type of Vehicle and Location. Our aim is to make your insurance affordable whilst making sure you're appropriately covered.

I thought I was already covered

Does it matter if I do ridesharing?

Most private car insurance policies have general exclusions for carrying passengers for hire or reward. Ridesharing falls under this category and this is why you need to make sure your insurer will cover you.

Car Insurance that covers UBER
Insurance for Uber drivers

Do I need to disclose Rideshare / Uber Driving to my insurer?

You may have been told private insurance is all you need.

With insurance, you have a duty of disclosure to let your insurer know how you use your vehicle. If you fail to tell them important information, your insurer may deny your claim.