Want the cheapest ride share insurance?

One thing to remember when purchasing your insurance is that you are doing this to earn an income. It's important that your insurance is right for you and will respond when the need for a claim arises.

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How cheap can ride share insurance be?

Whether its ride share car insurance or ride share liability insurance, we have seen quotes as low as $40 per month. However, it's important to remember that insurance is based on many risk factors and there is no one price fits all policy available.

Why shouldn't I buy the cheapest cover?

If you purchase insurance based on price alone it is more than likely you will be dissatisfied in a claim. When you're doing ride sharing there are many factors you have to take into consideration.

Market Value vs Agreed Value

When doing ride sharing, you may rack up a lot more kilometers on your vehicle's odometer than usual. This can greatly decrease the expected market value of your vehicle. Take this into consideration when purchasing a policy as you may need think about securing an agreed value to allow you to replace the vehicle should it be written off.

No Fault Excess

Go with an insurer that has no excess applicable in not at fault claims. If you are put in a position where you need to claim, and it is not your fault, do you have the cash flow to afford your excess? Some insurers may charge you an excess up front in all claims.

Choice of Repairer

Every day your vehicle is off the road you are not earning money. Being forced into a specific repairer that may have delays can cause you financial stress. You can alleviate this issue by being with an insurer that offers you the choice of repairer.

Rental Vehicle

It's important to note that when selecting the rental vehicle option on your car insurance policy that the rental car provided may not be eligible for Uber or another ride share company. This is because the vehicles will need special licensing before they are allowed for ride sharing and most hire car companies will only allow general private usage.

Customer Service

When loding a claim through us you are allocated a claims advisor. This advisor will take car of your claim start to finish to ensure its speedy processing and that you are happy with the end result. They are just a phone call away on 1800 97 98 99.

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