Public Liability for Ridesharing

Operating a rideshare business? Protect yourself from the financial consequences that you may be held liable for.

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Do I need public liability insurance?

It is recommended you take out public liability insurance It's important you understand your responsibility to third parties, customers and the community when running your business. Whilst many insurance policies are not mandatory, if you are after peace of mind and protection, public liability insurance can offer you an important level of cover.

How much does it cost?

With cover options ranging from $5 to $20M in cover, starting prices are typically around $40 per month.

Which insurance companies cover public liability?

With many insurance companies not offering cover, we have done the hard work and have several insurers ready to offer cover. As we are not restricted to one insurer, we are able to compare and obtain competitive premiums so you can rest assured you're not paying too much, and you have the right cover.

Doesn't Car Insurance cover public liability?

Don't confuse your legal liability on your car policy with public liability insurance. These are two very seperate types of cover. Public Liability aims to protect you for amounts which you are liable to pay for personal injurty and property damage to third parties in connection with your business..

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